Water Landscapes

The realization of the vision of a world in which water and food are freely available to all depends only upon humanity’s decision. The situation on Earth today demands that we shift from a system based on violence, mistrust and scarcity, to a new model of living based on contact and cooperation with nature.

Tamera Peace Research Center has created a model and an educational project for natural decentralized water management and a basis for forestation, horticulture and agriculture in regions threatened by desertification. It is a globally adaptable model which can be applied in all regions in various appropriate forms.

Knowing the crucial role of water scarcity in the Middle East’s political conflict, we are seeking places in the region where this method can be introduced and developed as a model for the healing of nature. Especially in the Middle East, courageous people are needed who are open to the idea that not all deserts on Earth were meant to be deserts, and who are willing to make the shift in thinking required for a new approach to water management.

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