Spring in the Tent of Nations 2008

During the Grace Pilgrimage 2007 the pilgrims were hosted by many inspiring and generous people, both Israelis and Palestinians, along the way. One of the places that exuded much hope for the future of this land beyond the conflict was the Tent of Nations. Based just south of Bethlehem, we all experienced the Nasser family’s love of the land and the commitment to bring people of all nations together. In spite of the fact that the Nasser family is still not seen as the legal owner of the land after years of legal struggle, are not allowed to be on the main electricity grid and have no means of running water. It is the same situation experienced by many in just one occupied land in the world.

After spending 2 days at the Tent of Nations our very human impulse to help and support this project became concrete.

The PRV team will be in Israel/Palestine for 3 weeks to support and carry out the following activities.

Non-violence training with Sami Awad and Holy Land Trust (31st March – 04th April)

Specifically designed for the core group members and surrounding circle of the PRV group in Israel.
Led by Sami Awad – director of the Holy Land Trust and experienced teacher in non-violence in Palestine – the group will receive an intensive 5 day training into non-violent action within a conflict area. The intention of the course is give the opportunity for the Israeli members to witness and experience the conflict from another perspective and to build up a committed ‘action’ group that can support non violent actions in Palestine when needed.

Gathering Knowledge (05th and 06th of April)

On this conference the PRV team will host Sabine Lichtenfels and Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis (Co-founders of the peace research center Tamera in Portugal) and the existing PRV Middle East network.

The aim is the further shaping of the vision and strategy development for the concrete build up of a first PRV in the Middle East 2009. This is prepared with a group of Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals.

Palestinian course ‘Creating knowledge for a Peace Research Village’ led by Benjamin von Mendelssohn and Vera Kleinhammes (07th to 11th of April)

Specifically designed for prospective Palestinian members of the PRV and students of Monte Cerro, Tamera.

Led by Benjamin von Mendelssohn and Vera Kleinhammes this 6 day course will offer each participant both a theoretical and experiential grounding into the themes of the PRV – social aspects of community building, Forum and the political theory. The intention of this course is, through study, to give the opportunity for the Palestinian narrative to be integrated into the greater global idea and vision of the PRV.

Ecological Actions

To offer practical support to the Tent of Nations and initiate cooperation projects between Palestinian and Israeli ecology projects.

We will support the care of land through tree planting and cultivation, and support the development of water harvesting techniques and compost toilets.

We are also supporting the installation of solar panels on site in order for the project to enhance its self sustainability.