Core Group in the Holy Land


 The time from the 26th of August to the 20th of September was dedicated to deepening the trust and strength within the Core Group in the Holy Land. After some education and training in the base camp for global peace work Tamera, it was time to test the acquired skills and to attune – as a core group – to the frequency of the land in order to listen to its dream.

We gathered at En Kfira – a beautiful water source near Jerusalem – under a fig tree to come together as a group. Just a few hundred meters down the Wadi was the fence, cutting through the land, the same olive trees on either side. It was a reminder for us of our orientation in all this sharing of the ‘human material’: To stay connected to a larger, political vision of healing the wounds of the Holy Land.

We had a base camp overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem: embedded in the sediments of history, not in the Old City but panoramic view onto it, on the edge of an old Arab neighborhood (Abu Tor). It was the place of Maria-Christina Eggers of the Lassalle Institute. From this place we went into different meetings of networking with relevant individuals and groups in the peace and ecological movement in Israel-Palestine.

We went to Yavniel in the north of Israel for an art time with the Tribe- Shevet, a community which is established around Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi. This was intended to clarify the possibilities of future cooperation, and it allowed us to start a love affair between the communities.

Some of the PRV-ME core group members gave a public seminar about “building community” in Givat Yearim (near Jerusalem). This was a big success, with more then 15 participants after publicity of only one week before and very positive feedback. It was also a strengthening step for the leaders of the seminar, who experienced a flowing cooperation and mutual support carrying big responsibility together.

In the end of this month we went for few days to the Tent of Nations (a Palestinian project near Bethlehem) with Sami Awad from the Holy Land Trust. We had a very fruitful time with new decisions towards the next steps. We were happy to see, that the partnership between the PRV and the HLT gains more and more ground, both on a professional and human level.

We are grateful for this time of togetherness in the Holy Land, for all the support we received there and for the comprehensive results concerning the next steps towards the Peace Research Village in the Middle East.