Peace in the Middle-East: Palestines open up for the trauma of the Holocaust

Christ at Checkpoint

For reconciliation, sometimes it is needed to look deeply into the soul of the so-called enemy or occupier in order to comprehend and understand his pain. Sami Awad, peace-worker and teacher for non-violent resistance in Bethlehem and founder of the Holy Land Trust, spoke on the occasion of the conference “Christ at Checkpoint” about his observation of the extermination of the Jews.

He reported about his visit to Ausschwitz and opened his heart deeply to the understanding of this trauma, that the Jew still suffer from today. With that as a Palestine, he widely stretched out his hand for reconciliation. His own family was expelled from Jerusalem sixty years ago. Still today he cannot enter the city, being a Palestine. But he goes on even further: Sami Awad and his organization belong to the small group, who are not only working towards an end of the occupation, but also prepare a vision for both peoples to live together after the end of the occupation. He has been our cooperation partner for many years in the construction of a peace research village in the Middle East.