Coming Back to the Middle East

Half a year in Middle East

After some years of peace education in Tamera we are happy to be back to the holy land for half a year. During this time we will work on different projects: introducing and modeling the vision of water retentions landscapes in the Middle East, publishing books and study materials in Hebrew and Arabic, holding public events and being in service for the uprising of a new culture.

In the end of November we will participate in the Green Phoenix conference in Switzerland and later on we will hold 2 public events in Zurich and Basel. The invitation is attached and you are warmly welcome to invite your friends and interested people.

The peak of this time will be in April – A month of intensive community experience and education time about the connection of inner and outer peace work. It will include study times, common work and forums, seminars with Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin Von Mendelssohn, The Holyday of freedom with Rabbi Ohad Ezrachi, rituals and encounters in the The Holocaust memorial day and in the Nacba-Independence day, and a conference in the issue of water retention landscapes in the Middle East. It will be an opportunity to connect with the healed picture of the land and of life. More details will be distributed soon.

Since we arrived to Israel-Palestine we participated in the conference “Practical Models for Peace” in Neve Shalom Wahat al Salam in which we shared our vision and showed the movie “Water is Life“. We already had some enthusiastic feedbacks and concrete offerings for cooperation. As promoting the vision of water landscapes for creating sustainable communities is one of our main goals we ask you to share this movie and to connect us with potential cooperation partners.