Global GRACE Day 2011

It was a day of alchemy – bringing together the quality water from the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. We also had with us water from the deepest zone in Tamera and from the red sea. We went through this day as water carriers and hope carriers

On the day before the grace day we prepared ourselves in Yavniel – “the house of the goddesses” The beautiful artistic house of Dorit Bat Shalom. We read the texts and had study time to reflect. We created a text of introduction to read before the meditation. We Gathered some empty glass bottles and created the altar for the next day.

We started the Grace at early morning before sunrise. We drove to the sea of Galilee and we gathered in a small cave next to the church of Tabha. Also Darya, Anat and Hari joined us. We listened to the flute of Rico which accompanied the beautiful sunrise. After reading the text of meditation in English, Hebrew, Arabic and German we had half an hour of meditation. We connected to the healed pictures of the earth, of the water and of Love. After the meditation we came together to share our prayers and visions. It was a powerful prayer. We put the bowl of water that connected water from different water sources in our middle to bring the Quality of prayer into it. We sang the water song and the earth song that we learned from Pancha and we poured the water into the bottle and brought it to the Sea of Galilee. We Gave our blessed water and took new water from this location and we drove to the dead sea.

We Arrived Before time to the Dead Sea so we connected with Fayez who came especially from Tul Karem. We drove to the caves of Kumeran but when we arrived there we discovered that there are people from the nature reserve and people who created a movie about the place and we were not allow enter the caves. We gathered in the middle of the day under the hot sun and we put in our middle the altar with the bottles of water. We came together with the people of eco me and with people of the holy land trust and more friends. It was such a beautiful group of people. The conditions were not easy as it was hot and there were busy people around us. In the middle of the meditation Waji called us we picked him and were happy to reconnect with him. It was a challenge to deal with the conditions and to stay connected to the essence of the ritual. The ritual had the same structure of the one that we had in the Sea of Galilee but this time we connected to this special location and the different people that came together. Sami spoke of the place not so far away where Jesus was baptized. He prayed that we – human beings will learn to honor again the transformative power of the water. Nimala connected us with water as a dancing being and joy spread in our hearts. We ended up with a short picnic in the shadow of one of the cars. Yair and Sham-Ba brought the water to the Dead Sea and took a bottle of water from the Dead sea for our altar.

We drove to Tel Aviv to the Mediterranean Sea which was the beach of the childhood of Sham-Ba and Uri. It is also an area where people come to meet the prostitutes. We arrived before sunset and we accompanied the sun as it went down into the waves. We did again the same ritual with Lisa Karolina and more friends that joined us. We also connected there with the joy of the children. As the wind was singing with us we ended the ritual with singing and dancing and with a big joy of connecting worlds. We joined the evening of “Neviah” – The Hebrew Academy for the Spirit” where we connected with Ohad and Shmuel and at the end of the evening we shortly shared impressions from our day.