Greetings from the PRV-ME and events in 2014

Dear friends of the PRV-ME,
We are excited to share with you some of our plans for the year 2014.
We are grateful for the support we received in the month of the Global Campus which brought to us concrete possibilities for land for the manifestation of the vision that we have been carrying for many years. These days we are preparing intensively for the next steps of the project, in which we will move from Jerusalem to the Negev desert. We are challenged to go on while facing the unknown and many open questions, and we are also humble and grateful in front of the gates which have opened to us and to the vision of establishing a Peace Research Village in the Middle East. In this year we hope and we plan to start creating an oasis in the desert and to deepen the work of creating a real life-model for a new culture with no violence or fear. 

Please read further for the  list of events and contact us for further information. 

Have a blessed year!

Warm greetings of light,

PS –
 In few days we will leave “The Castle” which has been our home for the last six months. We would be delightful to celebrate with you at thegoodbye party we will hold on Thursday, 26 December:

PPS – 
Many study groups of Terra Nova are arising, growing and deepening in Israel-Palestine. If you wish to join or create a new group please contact us.
2014 with the PRV-ME:
From Vision to Manifestation
15 January: The Sky Inside Her – 100th birthday of Etty Hillesum

20 February
Open Evening with the PRV-ME – in the area of Mitzpe Ramon

20–25 March: Spirituality Without Borders – a seminar with Arkan Braveheart, Jordan 

 1–15 April: Inner and Outer Peacework – community building intensive course
 14–15 April: Freedom Feast – singing, praying and celebrating the holiday from a new perspective
 18–20 April: Water and Love – a seminar with Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn
22–23 April: GEN Israel and GEN Palestine – the emerging of a new network of ecovillages (by invitation only)
28 April: Healing the Wounds of the Holocaust – a special ceremony with Israelis, Germans and Palestinians in the spirit of Etty Hillesum
June–DecemberCommunity Experiment – an opportunity to study and live together with the PRV-ME for one to six months (by application)

July/August: Raising Children in a New Culture – special course for parents and children

5–17 OctoberHIYANA  Here We Are – a pilgrimage toward the Peace Research Village Middle East
19 October – 10 NovemberGlobal Campus – studying and working on a model for a new culture
8–9 November: Global GRACE Day – celebrating and praying for peace around the globe
17–20 November: Drylands, Deserts and Desertification  a conference at Ben-Gurion University
 21–22 November: First GEN Israel Conference – connecting the local and the global
Early December: From the Ancient Nabateens to Africa of the Future – Sustainable runoff based Agri-culture and productivity course with Dor Havkin