Updates for the upcoming year

Dear friends and supporters of the PRV-ME,

The latest escalation of the Gaza war is over, yet the heart cannot rest facing the current situation in the Middle East and around the world. Recently it was reported that four Israeli soldiers who participated in the war committed suicide. What a strong reminder of the viciousness of the cycle of victim and perpetrator!

As you may know, in the summer we planned to move to a farm in the Negev and to start manifesting bigger parts of our dream. We were surprised and disappointed to learn that our contract was not approved by the Israeli Land Authority.

At the same time the war erupted and we decided, with support from Tamera, to bring Israelis, Palestinians and internationals together for a vision camp in the West Bank. Through this week the original dream of the PRV-ME became tangible as well as the culture of violence that we are confronting. We realised that in order to become an answer to the situation we need to empower ourselves and the project in Tamera.

We decided to stay as a group for one year in Tamera. In this time we plan to hold a seminar in Israel-Palestine, a summer camp for children from the Middle East, intensive study time and more.

We invite all supporters and potential carriers of the PRV-ME to come to Tamera from April onwards to join the process for a time of study, training and preparation of the next step of manifestation.

We also want to support the growing field of peace knowledge in the Middle East. If you want to hold or participate in a Terra Nova group, please contact us.

We believe that the next step of the project should be moving to a site with land on which we can start building a peace model. We ask for your help in finding this land and opening this opportunity, so the vision of a Peace Research Village in the Middle East can finally come to earth.

This is a call to unite and strengthen all forces which are not only supportive of peace but are also ready to put their life in service of a system change toward a new culture of peace.

With solidarity, friendship and love,
Sham-Ba, Anja, Uri and the PRV-ME group.