A special seminar in the Sinai desert

Parenthood, Children and Community
5 days seminar in Sinai, 25-29 December
Becoming parents is the greatest change in our lives. As parents we become more committed to create a better world for us and for our children.
Nevertheless, many times parenthood makes people close themselves in a small family constellation.
We wish to support parenthood to become the motivation to community building process as a key for a system change.
We will have 5 days in the beautiful meeting point between the sea and the mountains of the Sinai desert, to share our deepest questions around parenthood and to get insights from the experience that we gained in Tamera. Together we will research the challenges and gifts of raising up children into a new culture of trust.
For inspiration and transformation we will use study time, art time, forum work and – “Sinai time”…
Parallel to the seminar we will hold a children camp, which will be also a study space for the adults.
We created this seminar for revolutionary parents, for people who want to become parents and for people who are interested in the issue.
In order to register please send an application describing your background and motivation.
Leading team: Anna Bandini, Douglas Baillie, Sham-ba Ayalon and Uri Ayalon.
Price: covering the travel and hosting costs of our teachers from Tamera (around 150 Euro for a person, depends on the number of participants), not including personal accommodation and food in Sinai (around 30 euro for a day).
For registrations and questions:


Click here to open the pdf file of the seminar.