Terra Nova Middle East

The Terra Nova School consists of groups worldwide which continuously study new thoughts and pass them on to friends, neighbors and interested people, at conferences, festivals, in communities and networks, as this helps building a new information field on Earth. The Terra Nova School was initiated by the peace research centre “Tamera”, Portugal, which prepared a one year curriculum that started in May 2013.

This world wide project wants to join together and empower all those who want to work for a new Earth without violence and war, Terra Nova. It is intended to become a catalyst for global system-change. At the heart of the school are the development of global consciousness, the insight into coming healing processes and the implementation of real-life models for a future worth living

We – the Peace Research Village group – want to support the arising of many of these revolutionary cells in the Holy Land and therefore invite you as one of the leaders or active participants of these groups for ten intensive days of studying, forum work, art and community building. We wish to enter a common process in order to strengthen our vision of paradise on Earth and our next steps on the way to get there.

The main questions we will deal with are:

  • What is the healed picture of the earth?
  • What is the healed picture of the Middle East?
  • What is needed in order to build functioning communities based on trust?
  • What is a new image of love?
  • What is the connection between Eros and healing?
  • How do we reconnect with the big cycle of Life?
  • What is our part in the global revolution?
  • Why and how a few groups can change the world?

For joining or initiating a Terra Nova group in Israel-Palestine, please contact us: info@prvme.org